WHY DO I SAY “Mercy”?
Jim Freudenstein, 2-22-2024, 832-654-7791,
Why do I say “Mercy”? Repeatedly? At unusual times? In unusual places? Sometimes as a grunt? Sometimes as a groan? Sometimes as a sigh? Sometimes as a shout? Often with tears? “Mercy!” Why do I say “Mercy”?
In our world we have a predicament. Watchmen whom God has placed all over the world, are seeing the falling of the Judgment of the Lord. Ezekiel 33:1-17. These individuals are allowing the government, fear of unpopularity, fear of loss of income, fear of scratches and dents to their lives, families, vehicles and homes…cramp their style. Shut their mouths. Hush their bold witness. Prevent them from being salt and light in the middle of a wicked and perverse generation.
It is called lack of a fear of God.
In our world today, many have spoken the devil’s message of death, as if it were a form a salvation. It is not! It is the very real chains of mortality now and eternity without God. Keep abortion legal? My body, my choice? Abortion is healthcare?
Abortion is the bigger, stronger, oppressor and aggressor bullying the smaller, passive, weaker human child into death. Abortion is bullying.
Abortion is when the bigger, stronger, more aggressive, conscience numbed Mother, Doctor and abortion ally have their way and the tiny human dies. Abortion is murder. The oppressed ones die. Abortion is injustice.
Abortion, as unnatural and decisive an action puts the mom at risk for many  medical ills and lifelong guilt, depression, poverty, bruised and hardened consciences and death. Abortion is enslavement of women.
Abortion cheapens all life. Gang slayings, drive-bys, drugs, addictions, unnecessary taxes, loss of integrity, selfishness, anger, violence? Loss of worldwide prestige? Loss of worldwide clout? We are doing it to ourselves! And our Pastors are leading the way from behind with their deathly silence. Where are the men of God? Where are the thundering pulpits? Repent! Trust God! Preach His Word!
That is why I say, “Mercy.”

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