What's Next?

What’s Next for Pro-Lifers?
July 17th, 2023, by Jim Freudenstein
I was attending Concordia Senior College when I first heard the word, “abortion.” It was in a movie shown on campus. When I found out what abortion was, I knew right away that only praying Christians would be responsible for the end of such a hideous practice.
The practice has not ended. There are still states, companies, politicians, “churches,” etc., promoting the killing of babies. From my perspective, abortion is an example of injustice, murder, premature death, and senseless violence. The thought that comes to my mind is: Whatever we sow, we shall reap, Galatians 6:7. We have not yet ended this evil barbarism in our land. Our holocaust has not ended. There are still babies and their mothers and their fathers who need rescuing. Why are we still tolerating this hideous practice? Are we aware and do we care enough to be their champions? (Proverbs 31:8)
What does the popular media endlessly beat into our minds? “There’s injustice out there. People are dying out there by natural disasters, gang and drug warfare, medical situations, (prescriptions, overdoses and street misuse and greed), and accidents.”
We are only reaping what we have sown. By our votes, by our greed, by our thirst for power and prestige, we have given ground to the enemy, Ephesians 4:17-19, 27. That means we have given the devil legal right and permission to kill, steal and destroy in our families, neighborhoods, and nation. Has anyone lost a spouse, a child, a cousin, a sibling to early death? Has anyone “put two and two together” and taken responsibility for the ongoing sin and curse of abortion?
By my estimation, liberal churches of every denomination, have promoted death over appreciation of the preciousness of life. By my estimation, so-called conservative churches of every stripe, have allowed this to occur by their silence, apathy and ignoring of God’s clarion call to prayer and action. The guilt and responsibility belong to everyone!
Does anyone know the truth? Does anyone care?
Ezekiel 33:1-20 says that failure to speak up means the blood that is shed in the coming judgment—will be charged to those who knew the Word and were silent. Are we silent?
Proverbs 31:8, tells every believer, every moral person, every civilized person to become the “champion” of the unborn. Are you a believer? Are you moral? Are you civilized? …. Are you a defender of all those who cannot speak up for themselves? Who are appointed to destruction?
Appointed to destruction, like the humans in the womb who are scheduled for early death. Appointed to destruction by their moms in our abortion mills.
 The quote of Micah 6:8 calls for us to “do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God.” According to the context, our idolatry is revealed if we continue to kill (or tolerate the killing of) babies, verse seven. According to God, justice begins with the stopping of the killing of the babies.
At this point I burst into tears again. Where is my obedience? Where are my time and money, prayers and energies being directed? Babies are dying! Too many of my family, friends and neighbors support killing babies. This is due to the prayerlessness and lack of organizing and ‘Bible ignoring’ of too many of us. It is due to my comfortable life. I have become too comfortable with the status quo. Have I been reticent or outspoken? Have I been irresponsible or responsible? Have I been faithless or faithful? How am I continuing to allow this culture of death to remain unaddressed? Who shall deliver our society from the immorality of letting babies perish? Where is our agony, repentance, and renewal for this cause of God?
Can anyone join me in a call to more fearless action and “gates of hell praying” in a truly just cause? Is God calling you also?
May God grant us the heavenly backbone to love the lost, intercede for those supporting the devil’s agenda of death and see greater protection for the unborn! Not only the unborn, but the elderly, the deformed, and the depressed. Let this happen in every state of our nation and in every nation of our world! Is God calling you to this also?

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