I, Too

I, Too
(A rewrite of, and in fondest memory of and with respect for, Langston Hughes.)
I too, sing America.
I am the littlest family member.
I am unseen—but my Mommy knows I am here!
I am…I exist…God knows me.
I am growing bigger and stronger, everyday.
Soon, I will know the feeling of a clean diaper.
The joy of a well-burped full tummy.
My Mommy’s smile and laughter and tender touch.
I will bounce with glee on my Daddy’s knee.
I will sleep peacefully for my tired parents.
I will be at the table in a high chair.
Nobody’ll dare say to me then
“Why are you here.”
Selfishness—sin—slaughter—injustice—slavery to the devil’s America without children—Legacy of Lies—the bloody altars of today’s idols.
For me, tomorrow never came.
I was. I existed. God knows me still.
I too, would have sung America.
But today, for me, there is only silence and death,
Unless you speak up for me. LOUDLY & PERSISTENTLY.
I, too am America. I am why America is cursed.
Pray for America—that someday, my little brothers and sisters will be, too!

Jim Freudenstein, 8-21-2023, 832-654-7791, jfreud1953@gmail.com

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