Are We Trusting Jesus?

Summertime is a wonderful time for outdoor fun and family vacations. All winter long the planned for activities are talked about and eagerly waited for. Then comes the decisive moment. The sun is shining. The pool is there. The water is there. The swimsuits are on. The famous “floaties” are around the middle and on the arms. Daddy says “Jump!”
Some children jump quickly. Some children have a little debate with themselves. Then they jump. And some children decide not to jump. They “look at the wind and the waves” and they say no. They know that they are loved. They know their Daddy is big and strong. But they have a feeling they cannot shake. It is fear.
This fear is stronger than their trust. Our situation in this world is much the same. Every child of God is asked to deny themselves, their goals, their fears, and act in faith. Sometimes that looks scary. Sometime that looks insane! I am certain that the story of Moses is told the way it is to remind us that God has a way of challenging our comfort zones. God called him to act in faith.
What is faith? Faith is knowledge of our Father and His Word. Faith is also assent to that knowledge. We agree that God is real, His love is unconditional, and His Promises are sure. But the biggest part of faith is trust. This trust reveals itself in our obedience to His Word of Truth.
When we are pondering the weaknesses, the injustices, and the violence of our culture, some of us point to abortion as the seed, the cause. That there is a child not planned for is partly due to the weaknesses of our culture. That abortion is an example of injustice, violence, unkindness, and bullying, many of us see this clearly. Not everyone sees it this way.
So, when we are asking friends, family, and fellow churchgoers to see it our way, the “wind and the waves” may just be too much for them to manage. They may cringe at the wind of CNN and the waves of “you want me to vote for whom???!!” Let us be sure of God’s rebuke on us due to abortion. Let us be aware of our weaknesses and disobediences. Let us be patient and persistent in our pursuit of justice for the little ones. May we all jump when Jesus says, “Jump!”
Jim Freudenstein, 11-29-2023

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